Application for Withdrawal from Unit/Module and/or Course (after census)

Please fill out the form presented below if you intend to withdraw from units or modules that you are currently enrolled in.

Students who withdraw from a unit or module after the approved census date will be liable for the full tuition fees and awarded:

Higher Education

  • a grade of "Withdrawn Fail" (WF) for the withdrawn higher education unit after census.

Vocational Education and Training

  • a grade of "Withdrawn - Fail" for a VET module withdrawn after census.

Once your withdrawal has been processed you will no longer have access to the class space for those units and/or modules. Please note: When access to the class space is withdrawn submitted assignments or other marked work may be lost. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of any assignments or work submitted prior to your withdrawal.

Click here for more information on withdrawing after census.

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